NYTE ® Servers


New York Tech offers custom-built top of the line servers and desktops for your business. As business needs have changed so has our strategy for making the environment work for clients. In order to compete with offerings from Dell, HP and IBM, IT team members must understand each component in the process. Care must be taken to educate and inform CIOs how major market providers position their equipment vs. how it is typically utilized in the real world.

Size does matter in IT. Buying enormous when you only need big can mean the difference between a well though-out business plan and a financial meltdown. The system administrators of NYTE ® have been building Exchange, SQL and Oracle high-performance equipment that meets specifications and exceeds price expectations for over 12 years. Our ability to research, allocate and test systems solutions that make customers happy is our biggest asset.

Don’t let your everyday IT firm recommend a monstrosity with bells and whistles you will never use, or to a low-end bomb that will never survive its first year. The puzzle of server cost is solved with the excellence, onsite warranty, superior performance, and brilliance of NYTE ® Servers.

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