NYTE services a wide array of industries in New York. A few of our most prominent clients include Real Estate, Hedge Funds, Brokerages, Textiles, and HealthCare. Our dedicated staff know every facet of a customer operations and can immediately attend to any request. Our portfolio represents some of the most elite and well-known companies in NYC and our relationships span over 20 years


We help private investigators and security firms connect to resources while on the move, and get critical data to the right people in real-time. Servicing an elite list of clientele in the field, NYTE promotes protection of the workforce while improving field communications.


NYTE has serviced a wide range of brokerages, hedge funds, and traders in NYC. We provide SEC/Soc2 compliance, and assist with setup and maintenance of high-speed trading desks and systems. We leverage Cisco equipment to provide high-redundancy paths, ensuring quick and immediate failover in any bandwidth outage.

Real Estate

Our vast experience in building management and REITs has empowered us to become one of the leading companies servicing the best known buildings and companies in the world. From the 111 8th Ave Google Building, to the Late Show building, NYTE has delivered expertise in sip telephony transitions for elevators, fire command, offices and security for cards, biometrics and cameras.

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