Ed Muller

Is the founder and president of NYTE.

He began his IT Career in 1999 working for LivePerson, currently a publicly traded NASDAQ company. LPSN started as 10 employees with Ed as the sole Tech, responsible for the full rollout of all systems, servers, and network components which kept the company running and connected. During his administration he built several Exchange servers on IBM and Compaq hardware, upgraded several databases and assisted programmers in the operation of the site code in ASP. By his departure, Liveperson had grown to over 50 employees in NYC alone.

In 2001 he plied his expertise in the formation of Advantage Technology’s IT Consulting division. In this role he acquired certifications from Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, HP, IBM and Dell, as well as a variety of other application and hardware vendors, to further the company’s goal of added reseller value. With expertise in hand he ran the division until it had grown to five times its starting size. While acting as CIO he left to start his own company.

As the head of NYTE, he has overseen the distribution and placement of roles for his clients in brokerages, banking and investments.

Continued client acquisitions in the field of finance have allowed him to began developing his own hardware line which is built specifically for Virtual builds of Windows, Unix and Linux servers. By drastically reducing hardware costs and power/cooling requirements, he has saved his clients millions in annual costs while allowing them to go green.

With over 13 years in IT, he is able to discern the simple from the complex and drive technology inhouse to serve the need of a variety of customers in NYC.

CJ Parker

CJ Parker is a seasoned administrator with expertise in VMware, Citrix, Win/Mac and a wide range of hardware.

In 2001, CJ began as the Sr New York manager for repair service of Gateway Computers. In his role, he oversaw the replacement of components and systems.

By 2003 he took over the IT Manager role at Brookwood Companies, a NYSE publicly traded company. At the firm he built servers, commanded infrastructure and handled day-to-day high pressure situations in troubleshooting network and server-related problems.

CJ joined NYTE in 2011 as the lead admin for all ongoing concerns in VMware and other high-level server support arenas for the clients of the corporation. He continues to oversee a high level of application design, hardware custom builds, and server management for over 100 environments.

Filip Wolak

Filip began his IT Career in the building of Evolution Markets. Originally a 5-person firm, Evolution grew to over 100 employees with Filip as the systems engineer, developer and architect of the firm’s infrastructure. His accomplishments include an Etrali integrated hoot line and trading systems integration, a synced SAN over Netapp servers with IBM and EMC core components and Cisco switches and routers, and remote administration of offices located in over 20 countries across the globe.

At New York Tech he has served to handle large projects requiring delicate handling of integrated components, including Google’s security server access for 111 Eighth Ave, and integration of cross-connects between Telx, Level 3 and XO communications backplanes located at 60 Hudson Street.

Ross Grabler

As a CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Engineer), Ross is responsible for all systems configurations at the firewall, router and switch level for clients. As a certified Cisco administrator at the highest level, he can design, implement and troubleshoot any environment. With large project work from Morgan Stanley Smith Barney through the past 5 years, Ross has managed complex network environments scaling BGP, EIGRP, OSPF and other muticast protocols.

In his role as CCIE he holds the highest level of Cisco certification available and can manage, diagnose and design the most complex IT infrastructures in the world.

David Gegechkori

David Gegechkori is a web developer and site admin for a variety of properties owned by NYTE.

Some of his skills and expertise include flash development, asp, .Net, PHP, Ruby and various programming variants including css and html5. He also handles qualitative SEO for a large group of websites which maintain high ranking for their associative search terms.

Building on the capabilities of the domains owned by NYTE, David provides insight into ranking and progression of all web properties.